I BELIEVE that being the parent of a child with a hidden handicap is the most and challenging job I will ever have. In the few years I have to help him mature, I will always attempt to instill in him a deep knowledge of his innate worth as an individual and never measure his behavior or scholastic achievement by any other child.

I WILL strive to always remember that this child is operating under great pressure and much frustration; therefore, I will not reject his outbursts as being abnormal or unrestrained misbehavior. I will always recall the many times he has been loving and kind and try to overlook the incidences when there is overt hostility. And then I will try to help structure his world so that frustrations might be lessened and he will feel more secure.

I WILL have endless patience when directions are not followed at the first command, and when some rule or concept is forgotten or misunderstood. I will not expect perfection. I will be aware of and grateful for every small improvement he makes.

THROUGH the trials which I may face each day, I will always remember that this child did not choose to be different and that he would, if possible, gladly be "normal." However, since his is different, he deserves special understanding, patience, acceptance and love. He's my child, and it is my right and my duty to guide him in finding fulfillment in life.

(Written by an LDA mother) Learning Disabilities Council of Indianapolis

"The one marriage that must work - for the sake of the children - is the marriage between home and school." Crystal Kuykendall, 1992 from Rage to Hope

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