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Issue Date: Spring 2002


It was a bright May morning when Sam¹s (Samantha¹s) IEP team convened in the
elementary school¹s conference room.  The team was composed of: Sam¹s
mother, Mrs. Lee; her Special Education teacher, Mrs. Karing; her General
Education teacher, Miss Fuller; the Principal, Mr. Wright; and the
District¹s Supervisor of Special Education, Dr. Elana Wise.  Dr. Wise led
the meeting.  When the meeting moved on to the present level of educational
performance statements, Dr. Wise turned the leadership over to Mrs. Karing.

Editor's Note: This article generated numerous responses.  Click here to read the entire story.




On April 10, 2002, people who support creating safe schools for all,
regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, took a
day-long vow of silence to recognize and protest the harassment, prejudice
and discrimination "in effect, the silencing" that LGBT people face.
Instead of speaking, high school and university participants handed out
"speaking cards" printed with the following message:  Click here to continue...


The Foundation for Exceptional Children established the Yes I Can! program
in 1981 to acknowledge the achievements of children and youth with
disabilities; to overcome barriers caused by disabilities or public
misconceptions; to encourage children and youth with disabilities to seek
their highest potential; and to increase public awareness of the abilities,
aspirations and personal qualities of people with disabilities.

Derek DiTullio is this year¹s Yes I Can! recipient for Pennsylvania.  Click here to read more...



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