George O'Neill Memorial Scholarship


This award of $1000 will be presented by the PFCEC to a student member (undergraduate or graduate) whose involvement in special education is judged most exemplary. To be considered for this award, which will be presented at the Annual PFCEC Convention, please submit the following:

  1. Proof of International CEC and PFCEC membership (submit copy of your membership card with your chapter advisor's signature).
  2. Personal information so we may contact you prior to the PFCEC Convention (name, phone, permanent address).
  3. Resume' including employment and volunteer experience.
  4. Unofficial transcript.
  5. A two-page typed essay explaining how you feel student CEC members benefit from active participation in CEC and other organizations which strive to help children with exceptionalities.
  6. Two faculty recommendations, one of which must be from your Student CEC Advisor. It will be helpful to your application if your faculty recommendations specifically refer to the activities in which you have been engaged and reasons you are deserving of this award based upon their personal/professional observation and perspective.

Forward the above complete in one package by March 31 to:

Dr. Constance Fox Lyttle, Esq.
Chairperson, PFCEC Scholarship Committee
RR #1 Box 236 A
Damascus, PA 18415

The search for this year's deserving candidate is on!

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