PACEC Awards & Scholarships

PACEC Teacher of the Year Award

This award was established by the PACEC Executive Board to recognize an outstanding teacher of exceptional children. Individuals who would like to nominate a teacher for this award are encouraged to complete the Call for Nominations form and send it to the address provided. If more than one nominee is received from a chapter, the Nominations Committee will ask the local chapter to determine its candidate from those nominated. Nominations for the 1999 Teacher of the year Award are due by July 1, 1999. To be considered, a nominee:

bulletmust be currently involved in the provision of direct services to students who have disabilities or are gifted and/or talented;
bulletshould have demonstrated exemplary performance over a period of time as a teacher or provider of direct services, exhibiting such qualities as innovativeness, imagination, creativity, and the ability to inspire, as indicated by achievements clearly recognized by members of the profession and others knowledgeable of the candidate;
bulletmust be a CEC member in good standing both currently and for at least the previous five years, and;
bulletshould be an appropriately qualified teacher or related specialist as recognized by the PA Department of Education.

George O'Neill Memorial Scholarship

The George O'Neill Memorial Scholarship was established by PACEC in September 1981 following the untimely death of one of our most valued members, George O'Neill. It is fitting that this award is named after George because of his encouragement and support of student CEC members. He was never too busy to give advice to or spend time with future educators.

Application guidelines for this Award, a $1000 scholarship, are available by clicking here. Applications should be received by April 15. The award winner will be announced at the November PACEC Convention. The awards committee challenges each PA-SCEC chapter to nominate a student for this award. University or college professors, administrators, and educators also come in contact with excellent candidates and are encouraged to nominate a deserving student this year.

The awards committee for this scholarship would like to congratulate all of the past nominees. They are all winners in light of their dedication to children with exceptionalities and the field of special education. Their collective volunteer experiences are an inspiration to all CEC members. We look forward to their continued involvement when they complete their degrees and become special education professionals.

Bernice Baumgartner Award

This award is presented to a senior educator who has given outstanding service in the area of special education.

Nominations should be postmarked by August 1

This award was established by the PACEC Executive Board to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the education of children and youth with exceptionalities, disabilities and/or gifts and talents.



 The nominee should have a professional reputation in Pennsylvania and have demonstrated exemplary performance over his or her educational career to the education of children and youth with exceptionalities.  These contributions could include one or more of the following areas:  publications; research; development of new programs, approaches, concepts; improved psychological or educational evaluation procedures; improved administration procedures; practical application of improved teaching techniques; and dynamic leadership. 


The work of the nominee should be consistent with PACEC's and CEC's mission statement.


The nominee may be in service or retired.  Candidates include teachers, administrators, college/university professors or any other educator who meets the criteria.


Must be a CEC member in good standing, both currently and for at least the previous five years.

Information Needed to Complete the Nomination:


Nominations can be accepted from active CEC members.


A description of the outstanding professional contributions of the nominee in the delivery of direct services.


Two letters of recommendation must be included highlighting the nominee's lifetime accomplishments.


Vita of the nominee.


Nominations must include: verification of membership (obtainable from CEC Headquarters), nominee's name, address, phone number and e-mail.

Nominators must include his or her name, address, phone number, e-mail and signature.

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