Pennsylvania Student Council for Exceptional Children

Last Update 8-1-02

Our Mission:

  1. To Promote the education of all exceptional children and youth.
  2. To serve as a resource for pre-service special educators and students.
  3. To serve as a vehicle for the advancement of special education careers among students.
  4. To support the goals of the Council for Exceptional Children and its members.


bulletPresident - Shelby Derry - [email protected]
bulletPresident Elect -
bulletVice-President of Programs - Dave Martin – [email protected]
bulletVice-President of Communications - Laura Miller – [email protected]
bulletVice-President of Committees - Michelle Fernandes – [email protected]
bulletGovernor - Bree Bashore – [email protected]
bulletNewsletter - Jenn Shnyder - [email protected]
bulletMulticultural - Courtney Johnson – [email protected]
bulletPast-President - Christina Book - [email protected]

What's News


President:  Shelby Derry, a student at Mansfield University, has
previously served on the PASCEC board and is a past president of the local
Mansfield University Chapter 491.  Shelby is involved in Special Olympics
Tioga County as a coach and as the fundraising coordinator.

Governor:  Briana Bashore is a student at Mansfield University with a
special education major and a music minor.  She is active in Mansfield¹s
student chapter, SPSEA and Zeta Tau Alpha.  Briana has also worked as an
America Reads tutor.

Vice-President of Communications:  Laura Miller, a Mansfield University
special education major, is active in the student chapter and Special
Olympics.  She is also a Heartsmart teacher and a resident advisor on
campus.  Laura is very excited about serving on the PASCEC board.

Vice-President of Committees:   The new vice-president of committees is
Michelle Fernandes.  She is a special education major at the University of
Scranton and is the activities coordinator.  Michelle belongs to the
Multicultural Club and is a volunteer at the Head Start Day Nursery.

Vice-President of Programs:   Dave Martin, from West Chester University, is
majoring in special education.  He looks forward to working with children
full time and hopes to inspire more interest and enthusiasm in student CEC.
Dave also substitutes and is a volunteer EMT and firefighter.

Multicultural:   Courtney Johnson is the current president of the University
of Scranton¹s student chapter.  She has taught English at a school for
students with learning disabilities.  As the Multicultural Advisor, Courtney
hopes to become more aware of multicultural issues and help other students
become better informed.

PASCEC welcomes all of the new student officers and looks forward to working
with you during the upcoming year.

If anyone is interested in learning more about student activities at the
state level, please contact Tanya Wessells, student advisor at
<[email protected]>.

Other News

You can view the PA-SCEC Constitution online.  Just click here to get the full text version.

 It’s never too early to think about applying for next years George O’Neill Memorial Scholarship.  The deadline for 2003 is March 31 so start your application process now.   We want to encourage ALL of you to apply for the George O'Neill Scholarship next year. One of our ongoing goals is to have students from each chapter apply, so please begin thinking about this now.

PASCEC has donated materials to universities honoring our past presidents. At this point, six past presidents have been honored. Please check your libraries or special education departments for new materials. This project will be continued in the years. Students also need to begin thinking about next year's PACEC convention. All students are encouraged to present sessions. PASCEC plans to purchase shirts, to sell as a fund-raiser.

PASCEC has a new advisor.  Tanya Wessels Kuhl from Mansfield, PA was elected advisor in March of this year.  Tanya can be reached at [email protected] .  Tanya is a former president of PA-SCEC and has remained active on the PACEC board.

 Starting this year, the presidents of University chapters will be receiving updates and reminders of what’s going on in SCEC.  If you’d like to receive these updates, email Shelby at [email protected].


What Has PA-SCEC Been Doing?

Good Question! PA-SCEC Chapters have been busy with a wide array of activities, from fund-raisers, to socials, to lectures, to Special Olympics.  To add your Universities activities, email [email protected].

PACEC Website Features Job Listings

As a further service to our members,  employers of Special Education professionals are invited to list openings on the Pennsylvania Federation Council for Exceptional Children's website ( Those employers wishing to post available positions should contact PACEC Webmaster Marc Hissam with information on the positions.

When considering the idea to include this information on our website, PACEC President Kim Bright noted, "I think that job advertisements are well within our mission statement for the webpage and I believe in our mission in general." This is just one more benefit of CEC membership, and especially valuable to our many members who are just starting their careers.

Pennsylvania's many colleges and universities produce some of the best trained special education professionals in the country and employers from around the U.S. are invited to participate. Anyone interested in viewing the current openings can find them by clicking on "JOBS" from anywhere within the site.



Hello students,

I am Shelby Derry, president of PASCEC. The board has been doing a lot of planning for this year’s Convention November 7 & 8.  We have a lot of student centered activities planned.  On Wednesday and Thursday nights, student chapters can compete against each other in the “Silly Olympics” and possibly win some money for their chapter.  We will continue to serve breakfast Thursday and Friday mornings, for a small fee, so be sure to stop by and grab something to eat on your way to your first session.  As always we will be having a dance on Thursday night after the banquet.

We will also be electing new officers at the convention on Thursday during the Student Delegate Assembly. We encourage anyone to run for an office who would like to be a part of CEC at the state level.  To get an idea of what each office involves, you can view the officer responsibilities in the SCEC Constitution, or email me with questions.

Getting ready for student teaching?  Be sure to come to the session on surviving student teaching.  It will be presented by a student teaching advisor from Mansfield University and a former student teacher.

What has your chapter been doing?  We’d like to add you to our webpage.  Email me to tell me what your chapter has been doing or what you have planned.

Did you know that your chapter can get a hotel discount on Thursday night of convention? Email me for details.

We hope to see everyone at convention in November!  Start planning now!

Shelby Derry, PASCEC President



Our 2001 convention was a success once again. Thanks to everyone who contributed! One of the favorite activities remained the student dance. We held the Student Breakfast on Thursday and Friday to help students meet individuals from other universities. We will offer this again next year. The student roundtable generated many interesting activities and suggestions for chapters. If you would like more information please contact President Shelby Derry.



Slippery Rock - The student CEC chapter at Slippery Rock University has been involved in many activities throughout the year. The chapter has been involved in the following activities:
• The chapter had a float in the Homecoming parade.
• Chapter 467 participates in the Allegheny Valley Adopt a Home program. They currently adopt 15 homes.
• The chapter had a CEC BBQ with professors and students.
• Chapter members participated in the 1999 Harvest Ball with the Allegheny Valley Group Homes.
• Members took part in the 1999 Special Olympics and Olympic Village.
• Members of Chapter 467 participated in Exceptional Adventures.
• The chapter also supported "Katie's Corset," which involved members donating toys, clothing and necessities for a 5 year old whose house had recently burned. More activities are planned for the rest of the school year.

West Chester -

East Stroudsburg - Chapter 909 was very busy this past semester with the following activities:
• "Buddy Walk" with Pocono Parents of Down Syndrome
• Penny Carnival
• Special Olympics: Fall Games
• Baby sitting for Pocono Parents of Down Syndrome
• Halloween party for Pocono Parents of Down Syndrome
• Socializing with Adult residents at Whitehaven Development Center The chapter's fundraising efforts have already raised over $700 with more to come.

Edinboro - Edinboro's student CEC chapter was quite active the first semester of this school year. Their members participated in various Special Olympics as well as visits to Shriner's Hospital in Erie. We held a very successful fund-raiser selling candles and planned to use some of the funds to adopt a few local special education classes by providing them with necessary supplies.

Millersville -

Mansfield - Mansfield University -- The CEC chapter at Mansfield University has been very busy this spring semester. We have had three well - attended dances for Special Olympic athletes and group home residents. Chapter members have also been busy with Special Olympics swimming and basketball and a Track and Field day was hosted successfully at our university. The PET program has successfully continued two chapters at local high school and we expect to have at least two more started soon. We were also glad to have several members attend the national convention in Vancouver.

If you would like more information about starting a CEC high school club please contact Mansfield University at 717-662-4790.


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