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Listservs are e-mail discussion groups open to all interested parties. One should be cautious about what one reads. Opinions expressed are those of the authors, and may not reflect any official position by a group or organization. Be aware also, that you will occasionally run across a troll whose main target is to start arguments. It is best to ignore these people so they slink back into the holes they crawled out of.

To join a list:

bulletListserv lists: Leave the Subject: line blank in your email header. The body of the message should contain the single line: subscribe {listname} {your first name} {your last name} (or) unsubscribe {listname} {your firstname} {lastname}
bulletMajordomo lists: Leave the Subject: line blank in your email header. The body of the message should contain the single line: subscribe {listname} (DO NOT INCLUDE FIRST & LAST NAME!) (or) unsubscribe {listname}

IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, REREAD THE ABOVE. Please send any changes or information on additional listservs to the Webmaster.

bulletFRAGILE X SYNDROME [email protected] subscribe fragilex
bullet AUTISM [email protected] subscribe autism
bullet DOWN SYNDROME [email protected] subscribe down-syn Firstname Lastname
bullet DEAFBLIND [email protected] sub deafblnd your name * (blnd) is NOT a mispelling of blind
bullet ADD-KIDS (Parents of kids with ADD) [email protected] subscribe add-kids
bullet K-12 ADMINISTRATION [email protected] subscribe K12ADMIN
bullet DISCRETE TRIALS INTERVENTION FOR AUTISM [email protected] subscribe me-list Firstname Lastname
bulletINCLUSIVE EDUCATION [email protected] join inclusive-education Firstname Lastname
bullet ANOTHER INCLUSIVE EDUCATION LIST [email protected] subscribe inclusion
bullet SPECIAL EDUCATION PRACTICES [email protected] subscribe sepract first name last name (email address)
bullet EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION [email protected] subscribe ECEOL-L
bullet INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION [email protected] suscribe ispanet
bulletPSYCHOLOGICAL AND BEHAVIORAL ISSUES IN DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITES [email protected] subscribe psych-dd firstname lastname
bulletAMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE-L (in process of being established) topic: Deaf Culture, A Place of Our Own [email protected] SUBSCRIBE ASL-L
bulletTHE DEAF MAGAZINE Subscription request to: [email protected]
bulletDEAFKIDS Deaf Kids listserv, ages 3-19 only [email protected] subscribe DEAFKIDS
bulletDEAF-L Topic: deafness and deaf culture [email protected] subscribe DEAF-L
bulletDEAF-MAGAZINE Weekly magazine [email protected] subscribe DEAF-MAGAZINE
bulletDEAFSPORTS topic: Sports activities in the deaf community [email protected] subscribe DEAFSPORTS
bulletEDUDEAF Subject: For teachers and parents of students who are deaf or hearing impaired. For discussion of curriculum, teaching strategies, etc. Parents can ask questions related to the classroom, however, it is not for the general discussion of deafness. [email protected] subscribe EDUDEAF
bulletAMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE [email protected] subscribe ASLING-L
bulletGESTURAL COMMUNICATION ( Gestures, gesture systems, alternate sign languages) [email protected] subscribe GESTURE-L
bulletSIGN LANGUAGE LINGUISTICS [email protected] subscribe SLLING-L
bulletSIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS [email protected] subscribe TERPS-L
bullet RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA [email protected] subscribe ret-pig Firstname Lastname
bulletDYSPHAGIA (Swallowing and its disorders (clinical & research) [email protected] subscribe dysphagia
bullet HYDROCEPHALUS [email protected] sub HYCEPH-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname
bullet TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS [email protected] subscribe tsctalk
bullet LEARNING DISABILITIES [email protected] subscribe ld-list
bullet [email protected] subscribe
bulletBEHAVIORAL AND EMOTIONAL DISORDERS IN CHILDREN [email protected] subscribe Behavior
bullet LIFEPLANNING [email protected] subscribe lifeplanning-list (your e-mail address)
bulletCHILDREN WITH SPECIAL HEALTH CARE NEEDS [email protected] or [email protected] SUBSCRIBE CSHCN Firstname Lastname
bullet SPECIAL EDUCATION DISCUSSION LIST [email protected] Subscribe SPECED-L
bulletBEHAVIOR ANALYSIS [email protected] Subscribe BEHAV-AN Firstname Lastname
bullet SPECIAL EDUCATION NETWORK [email protected] sub SPEDNET Firstname Lastname
bullet PEDIATRIC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY subscribe ot-peds [email protected]
bullet MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT subscribe motordev Firstname Lastname [email protected]
bulletAUTISM NETWORK INTERNATIONAL Send your name to: [email protected]
bullet ADULT WOMEN WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES [email protected] subscribe ldwomen
bulletSPINAL BIFIDA/HYDROCEPHALUS [email protected] subscribe BIFIDA-L Your Name
bulletBLINDNESS [email protected] subscribe BLIND-L Your Name
bulletCEREBRAL PALSY [email protected] subscribe C-PALSY Your Name
bullet [email protected] subscribe cp_dystonia-l
bullet DDHEALTH Health Issues for People With Developmental Disabilities [email protected] subscribe ddhealth your name
bullet EPILEPSY-LIST [email protected] subscribe epilepsy-list your name
bulletLOW VISION DISCUSSION LIST [email protected] subscribe lowvis your name
bullet APRAXIA KIDS [email protected] subscribe apraxia-kids your email address
bulletINCONTINENCE [email protected] subscribe incont-L
bullet FETAL ALCOLHOL SYNDROME/EFFECTS [email protected] join faslink
bullet PROBLEM ADOLESCENTS [email protected] sub tough yourfirstname yourlastname
bullet MOBILITY ISSUES [email protected] subscribe mobility Firstname Lastname
bullet IDEA '97 [email protected] subscribe ebd-idea97talk
bullet SIBKIDS/SIBNET Lists for younger/older siblings of kids with disabilities [email protected] subscribe sibkids (or) subscribe sibnet
bullet National Statewide Systems Change Network List for inclusive schooling and communities [email protected] subscribe SWSCNet Firstname Lastname
bulletVarious Addresses: These are not discussion groups but addresses that might be contacted for further information.
bulletTourettes Syndrome Association [email protected]
bulletAmerican Federation for the Blind [email protected]
bulletAnalysis Behavior Association [email protected]
bulletMontana Advocacy Program [email protected]
bulletNational Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities [email protected]
bulletParents Let's Unite for Kids (PLUK) [email protected]
bulletAutism Society of America [email protected]

Some Things you Should Know

Virus Alerts
Virus alerts warn that opening an email message with a certain subject line (PKZ300, Good Times, AOL4FREE, Doomsday, Penpal Greetings) will destroy your computer. Untrue. Opening an email message cannot pass a virus on to your hard drive any more than answering your phone can cause your answering machine to melt. If you receive a message warning of a "virus" not named above, you can check if it is a hoax virus at This is the address for the National Computer Security Association. Don't pass virus alerts along unless you have verified them at the NCSA homepage.

Urban Legend Hoaxes
Urban legends are stories that ARE NOT TRUE, but sound as if they should or could be. Common urban legend hoaxes on the net are Craig Shergold, The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe, Feds Charging for Email, Beware of Kidney Thieves! They are not true. Beware of any message from someone you don't know which includes the phrases, "This happened to a friend of my cousin/a friend of a guy on my softball team." and concludes, "Please pass this message on to as many people as you can." Urban legends can be reviewed at any of several Urban Legends pages or by reading any of the books of Jan Harold Brunvand (The Vanishing Hitchhiker, The Mexican Pet, The Choking Doberman).

Terms you should know:
Spam: Electronic junk mail. Budding capitalists have realized that they can send junk mail over the Internet to a large number of people. They scan listserv membership lists to obtain addresses.
Flaming: Messages sent to a particular user with the intent of demeaning him or her. You'll know it when you see it.
Lurker: One who reads messages and rarely posts. Not as bad as it sounds.
Troll: Someone who joins a group and then asks questions or voices opinions for the purpose of starting stupid, pointless arguments. Typically, this person will initiate a flame war and then, when members finally agree to ignore him or her, leaves the list. NEVER post a reply to a Troll's message.

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