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bulletGeneral Lesson Plans
bulletSocial Studies
bulletLanguage Arts
bulletRelated Arts

General Lesson Plan Sites

bulletAcademy Curriculum Exchange
bulletColumbia Education Center
bulletCollaborative Lesson Archive
bulletEducation Place Lessons
bulletEisenhower National Clearinghouse LPs
bulletEncarta Schoolhouse
bulletERIC Lessons
bulletGlobal Schoolhouse
bulletThe Lesson Plans Page
bulletLesson Plan Sites
bulletNewton's Apple
bulletRichard Fouchaux's Lesson Plans Collection
bulletTeachers Helping Teachers
bulletTeacher Talk Forum Lessons
bulletTeachnet.com Lessons
bulletThe Teacher's Web Page
bulletTheme Units for Primary Grades

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bulletSAMI Math Lessons
bulletMath LPs
bulletMath Lesson Page

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Language Arts

bulletSCORE Language Arts Plans -- Literature-Based Plans
bulletCarol Hurst's Children's Lit Site -- Activities and Suggestions for Themes
bulletLanguage Arts Lessons
bulletAmerican Literary Classics -- A Chapter a Day
bulletEncyclopedia Brittanica's Shakespeare Site
bulletLinks to Newspapers All Over the World -- Very Comprehensive Source
bulletA Page Devoted to Shakespeare
bulletRandom House's Children's Lit Site
bulletSeattle Times Electronic Classroom

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Related Arts

bulletArt Lessons
bulletNational Gallery of Art
bulletArt History Links

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