Special Education Technical Assistance
and Dissemination Network

Projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education's
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services

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Regional resource and Federal Centers

bulletThe Federal Resource Center for Special Education
bulletNortheast Regional Resource Center
bulletGreat Lakes Regional Resource Center
bulletMountain Plains Regional Resource Center
bulletWestern Regional Resource Center

Clearinghouses (other than ERIC)

bulletNational Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education
bulletNational Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
bulletNational Information Clearinghouse for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind


bulletNational Technical Assistance Consortium for Children and Young Adults Who are Deaf-Blind
bulletTeaching Research
bulletHelen Keller National Center

Early Childhood

bulletNational Early Childhood Technical Assistance System


bulletCenter for Special Education Finance


bulletConsortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices


bulletAlliance 2000 Project West Desk: Technical Assistance (e-mail only)
bulletAlliance 2000 Project East Desk: Knowledge Production and Linkages
bulletCenter of Minority Researchers in Special Education (e-mail only)


bulletNational Center on Educational Outcomes


bulletParents Engaged in Educational Reform (PEER) Project: Goals 2000 and Children with Disabilities
bulletFederation for Children with Special Needs

Personnel Preparation

bulletNetworking System for Training Education Personnel (e-mail only)
bulletTechnical Assistance Center for Professional Development Partnership Projects


bulletTechnology, Educational Media, and Materials Program (e-mail only)
bulletNational Center to Improve Practice


bulletNational Transition Alliance for Youths with Disabilities (National Transition Academy for Educational Development, Transition Research Institute
bulletNational Transition Network

Other Projects

bulletNational Center to Improve the Tools of Educators
bulletProject FORUM (e-mail only)
bulletTechnical Assistance in Data Analysis, Evaluation, and Report Preparation (e-mail only)
bulletThe Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

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