Internet Resources for
Vocational Special Needs and
Transition Personnel

URLs last confirmed 11/20/98

Transition Related Websites

bulletSchool-to-Work Internet Gateway
bulletNational Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE)
bulletCareers On-Line
bulletCritical Issues in School-to-Work Transition
bulletNational Transition Alliance for Youth with Disabilities
bulletThe Center on Education and Work

General Special Education Websites

bulletUS Department of Education Gopher Server
bulletFederal Government Internet Educational Resources
bulletThe Indiana Parent Information Network


bulletUS Department of Education Gopher Server
bulletVocational and Adult Education
bullet"National Skill Standards Act of 1994"

Transition Models

bulletSchool-to-Work Outreach Project
bulletHillsborough Regional School-to-Work Partnership
bulletYouth Transition Program (YTP)
bulletCareer/Vocational Education Programs That Work

Classroom Resources

bulletCareer Activity and Resource Guide
bulletCareer Choices Curriculum

Electronic Journals

bulletNCRVE Full-Length Reports
bulletNCRVE Digests - CenterFocus Topical Digests
bulletNCRVE Newsletters - CenterWork Newsletter
bulletNCRVE Office of Student Services Briefs

Listserv Groups

To subscribe to a listserv, leave an e-mail message at the following addresses requesting specific instructions.

bulletVocServe Bulletin Board
bulletSchool-to-Work Net Listserv
bulletJournal of Technology Education Listserv
bulletSpecial Needs Education Network Lists


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