Pennsylvania Federation
Council for Exceptional Children


Approved by the Delegate Assembly November 2, 2000

Synopsis of Changes

To bring the PFCEC By-Laws in line with the changes in the CEC governance structure approved by the membership at the April 2000 CEC Convention the PFCEC Delegate Assembly approved the following changes to the PFCEC By-Laws to take effect immediately upon their approval.

Table of Contents

Article I - Standing Committees
Article II - Subdivisions
Article III - Newsletter/Journal
Article IV - Representative Assembly
Article V - Amendments


SECTION 1. Composition.
The Standing Committees of the Federation are Awards, Constitution, Convention, Convention Site, Credentials, Governmental Relations, Long Range Planning, Membership, Multicultural, Newsletter/Journal, Technology, Nominations and Resolutions. The following shall apply to members of all standing committees:

bulletA. The President shall appoint the chairperson and members of all committees for one year except as otherwise provided in this Constitution. Chairpersons and members may be reappointed by each subsequent President.
bulletB. Any member of the Federation may be appointed as chairperson of a standing committee provided that he/she has been an active member in good standing of the Federation.

SECTION 2. Duties.

bulletA. Awards: The Committee shall be responsible for accepting nominations and making recommendations to the Executive Board. These awards shall include, but are not limited to, The Bernice B. Baumgartner Memorial Award (The Special Educator Award), the Federation Teacher of the Year, and the George O'Neill Memorial Scholarship Award. This committee shall include at least two Regional Directors and the Student Advisor(s).
bulletB. Constitution: The Constitution Committee shall advise the Executive Board on recommended changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and maintain constitutional consistentcy with the standards set by the CEC. They shall review and consider proposed changes from the membership-at-large for action. It is necessary to present proposed changes to the Executive Board for action by the Representative Assembly. This committee shall advise the Executive Board on the interpretation of the Constitution and By-Laws. They shall maintain on file a copy of any proposed amendments and the result of the action taken and prepare and disseminate necessary copies to the Executive Board. A copy of the Constitution of the Federation shall be a permanent part of the records given to the Secretary to keep on file.
bulletC. Convention: The person who will be President-Elect at the time of the convention shall be Chairperson of the Convention Committee. The committee shall be responsible for the program and general planning of the annual convention. The subcommittees may consist of, but not be limited to, Program, Registration, Roundtable, Facilities Management, Local Arrangements/Entertainment, Exhibits and Public Relations. It is the responsibility of the Convention Chairperson to regularly keep the Federation President and the Executive Board apprised of the status of the convention planning.
bulletD. Convention Site: The President shall appoint at least three persons, one of whom should be a Past President of the Federation to serve on the committee. The committee shall study site locations for the annual convention and shall report their findings to the Executive Board. These appointments shall be for one year. This committee shall determine a minimum three year projected site schedule.
bulletE. Credentials: The Credentials Committee shall determine the number of representatives to which each chapter is entitled based upon guidelines established by CEC. They shall examine the credentials and certify all representatives prior to the convening of the annual Board of Directors meeting. They shall examine the credentials and certify all representativesprior to the convening of the Representative Assembly. The chairperson shall prepare a report for the credential verification for the Board of Directors and Representative Assembly.
bulletF. Governmental Relations: The Governmental Relations Committee shall keep the Federation informed about standards, regulations and legislation that impact on children and youth with exceptionalities at state and federal levels. The chairperson shall keep chapters informed through the Federation Newsletter/Journal and any other publications deemed necessary.
bulletG. Long Range Planning: The Long Range Planning Committee shall be responsible for developing, reviewing and modifying the Federation's strategic plan and overall Federation activities and business. The President shall be the Chairperson. Committee members shall include the Past President, President-Elect, Vice President. Long Range Planning committee meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the President. All committee recommendations shall be discussed and/or approved by the Executive Board.
bulletH. Membership: The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the coordination and distribution of information, materials and ideas for the promotion of membership. The chairperson shall be responsible for furnishing up-to-date membership lists to Regional Directors. The chairperson shall assist the Regional Directors in locating members respective chapters. The committee shall alert the Executive Board as to membership irregularities.
bulletI. Multicultural: The Multicultural Committee shall endeavor to increase participation by persons who are culturally and linguistically diverse in the Federation. They shall strive to see that the rights of persons who are culturally and linguistically diverse are protected. The Multicultural Committee chairperson shall be appointed to a term of two years in odd numbered years.
bulletJ. Newsletter/Journal: The Chairperson of this committee shall be the Editor of the Newsletter and shall provide for the preparation, publication and distribution of the Federation Newsletter/Journal at least three times a year.
bulletK. Nominations: The Nominations Committee shall request and accept recommendations from members for each office open for election at the next Representative Assembly. From the names submitted, a slate containing at least one nominee, but not more than three for each office shall be presented to the Board of Directors and Representative Assembly at the annual meeting. Consent to serve shall be obtained from each member whose name is submitted to the committee.
bulletL. Resolutions: The Resolutions Committee shall be responsible for developing resolutions which give expression of concern, position, interest, pride, best wishes or sympathy to the Federation or CEC. Resolutions shall be presented to the Representative Assembly for vote.
bulletTechnology: The Chairperson of this committee shall be the Editor of the PFCEC Internet Website (the Webmaster) and shall provide for the preparation and publication of the Federation Website located at throughout the year.

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SECTION 1. It shall be the privilege of a subdivision to:

bulletA. Have representation and vote on the Federation's Board of Directors, Representative Assembly and Executive Board.
bulletB. Establish the special professional qualifications of its membership.
bulletC. Meet at the time and place of the Federation annual convention.

It shall be the responsibility of subdivisions to participate actively in the business and activities of the Executive Board and Federation, including the annual convention.

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The Federation shall finance the Federation Newsletter/Journal which shall be devoted to the purposes of the Federation.

The Federation Newsletter/Journal shall be distributed to the members of the Federation at no additional charge to individual members.

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SECTION 1. General Powers.

bulletA. All legislative powers and authority, not otherwise designated in the Constitution and By-Laws to determine policies of the Federation shall be vested in the Representative Assembly.
bulletB. The Representative Assembly shall adopt all resolutions to be issued in the name of the Federation.
bulletC. The Representative Assembly shall elect the officers of the Federation.

SECTION 2. Composition.
The Representative Assembly shall consist of representatives sent by chapters and subdivisions.

bulletA. Each chapter shall be entitled to one representatives for the first 15 members and one additional representatives for each 30 members or major fraction thereof.
bulletB. Each subdivision shall be entitled to one representatives to represent its total membership.

SECTION 3. Determination of Number of Representatives.
Determination of the number of representatives to which a chapter is entitled shall be as follows:

bulletA. The determination of the number of representatives to which a chapter is entitled shall be made not less than 30 days prior to the annual convention and shall be made on the basis of membership records of the Membership Chairperson of the Federation. Membership for this purpose shall be determined as of June 30 preceding the convention. Credentials indicating the number of votes to which a chapter is entitled, when signed by the President of the chapter together with a list of representatives selected, shall be presented to the Credentials Committee prior to the opening of the Representative Assembly as evidence of the representative's right to participate in the Representative Assembly.
bulletB. Credentials of representatives of student chapters and subdivisions shall follow the procedure as above (A).
bulletC. If a regular representatives cannot attend the Representative Assembly, an alternate may be appointed by the chapter or subdivision President according to timelines for regular representatives.
bulletD. Alternate representatives' credentials must be validated at the convention and are not transferable thereafter.
bulletE. One representatives may represent the chapter and cast the total number of eligible votes.

SECTION 4. Election Procedures. The Nominations Committee shall present to the Representative Assembly a slate of nominees. The slate shall have been presented at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors. Nominations shall be permitted from the floor. If there is more than one nominee for an office, a secret ballot shall be conducted. The Secretary, assisted by a member appointed by the President, shall tally the votes.

SECTION 5. Reporting of Proceedings.
The Secretary shall present a summary of the proceedings of the Representative Assembly in the official publication of the Federation as soon as practical after the meeting.

SECTION 6. Resolutions.
Only resolutions adopted by the Representative Assembly shall be issued in the name of the Federation.

SECTION 7. Restrictions.

bulletA. The Representative Assembly meeting shall be open to all members of the Federation.
bulletB. Representatives shall be seated as approved by the Credentials Committee.
bulletC. Members other than Representatives may be recognized by the President for discussion on a matter before the Representative Assembly.
bulletD. Only Representatives and members of the Executive Board may submit proposals, resolutions, or amendments at the Representative Assembly. These must be submitted in writing to the Federation Secretary.
bulletE. Only duly credentialed members of the Representative Assembly shall be eligible to vote.

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SECTION 1. By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of a quorum of the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. All provisions of previous motions of record, and rules and regulations in conflict herewith, shall be released upon adoption of these By-Laws provided, however, that all officers, directors, and committee members now in office shall continue their incumbency until their successors are duly elected or appointed as provided herein.

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