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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Council for Exceptional Children homepage. It is our hope that through this vehicle we will be able to offer important information in a timely fashion. No more waiting for the editors, printers, mailers, post office, etc. to get you breaking news and important information. It will be here as fast as we can load it into the system.

Everyone is welcome to submit news and other interesting items for inclusion here. All you need to do is e-mail it to the Webmaster for consideration. Or, you can even use good-old snail-mail if you prefer. When ground-mailing items, we ask you to do so on disk along with a paper copy. Don't forget to note the program, version, and filename under which your file has been saved (IBM compatible only, please).

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A Message from PACEC Past-President Kimberly Bright
Summer, 1998

I recently returned from the annual CEC Convention, Connecting Learning Communities, in Minneapolis where we celebrated another year of advancements in the field of special education. Along with the many outstanding sessions, panel discussions, exhibits and strands, the national Delegate Assembly supported CEC's new and bold initiative: Improving the Working Conditions of Special Education Teachers. The negative conditions that have been the focal point of the initiative are unmanageable caseloads, overwhelming amounts of paperwork, lack of resources and lack of administrative support. The leadership of CEC, supported by the Delegate Assembly, believes that we need to "take a stand as an organization to rectify these negative conditions".     MORE...


2002-2003 PACEC Officers

effective July 1, 2003
President -   Cheryl George
President-Elect -Vicki McGinley
Vice President - Leslie Kolodin
Treasurer - Peggy Philipavage
Secretary - Cheryl Lamm
Representative to CEC Rep. Assembly - - Kimberly Bright
Representative to CEC Rep. Assembly - Marc Hissam
Immediate Past President - Jannis Floyd

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