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Latest Update: 1-31-04

Note: This page is provided for ongoing communication and postings of general information of interest to the Pennsylvania Federation Council for Exceptional Children Executive Board. No information of a confidential nature is posted here.

bulletUpcoming Meetings
bullet Minutes of Board Meeting
bulletBudget Categories
bulletCommittee News
bulletSubdivision President's Responsibilities as Board Member
bulletGeneral News of Interest
bulletE-mail addresses
bulletBoard Member Mailing Addresses

Upcoming Meetings

The full PACEC Executive Board meets three times annually. The Board of Directors meets twice annually to take care of interim business and identify items for consideration by the full Board. Scheduled meeting dates for the 2002-'03 Board are scheduled as follows:


Please make every effort to attend meetings! Let Cheryl know if you will not be able to attend so she can make appropriate adjustments to rooming/meals lists. Make your own room reservations for the November meeting.

Contact Cheryl George - [email protected] for more information.

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Minutes of Board Meeting

Minutes from the PACEC Executive Board meetings starting with the August, 1998 meeting are located here.

bulletAugust, 2002
bulletNovember, 2000
bulletAugust, 2000
bulletMarch, 2000
bulletNovember, 1999
bulletAugust, 1999
bulletJune, 1999
bulletFebruary, 1999
bulletAugust, 1998 & November, 1998

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Budget Categories

Carol has created an outline of the PACEC Budget to explain what goes into each category. We hope it is helpful to you.


bulletConvention Income: Registration fees, exhibitors' fees, and advertising income.
bulletRebates: Income from national CEC for members.
bulletDividends: Interest income from CDs and other bank accounts.
bulletPASCEC Income: Income that the students generate.
bulletMiscellaneous Income: Sale of note pads, T shirts, etc.


bulletOP-1 Executive Board - Insurance is the major expense here. Also included are minor expenses such as flowers and other small gifts. .
bulletOP-2 Executive Board Meetings - Mileage, lodging, meals and other small amenities for our four general meetings each year, as well as the January Long-Range Planning meeting. .
bulletOP-3 Regional Directors' Activities - Any expenses the Regional Directors submit to the board. .
bulletOP-4 Executive Board - Special Projects - Only through specifically budgeted items would any amounts be spent through this project. (
bulletOP-5 Leadership Conference - Expenses for the Washington, DC, leadership conference, including travel, meals, and lodging.
bulletService: .
bulletSV-1 Current Initiatives - Any monies spent for specifically identified initiatives designated by the board. .
bulletSV-2 Awards - The O'Neill Scholarship, Bernice Baumgartner Award, etc. .
bulletSV-3 Newsletter - Printing, labels and postage for newsletter distribution .
bulletSV-4 PASCEC - The board subsidizes the students for about $2000 each year. .
bulletSV-5 Today's Update/Board Bulletin - Has been discontinued. .
bulletSV-6 Division Grants - Only those grants designated by the board will be paid.
bulletState Convention:
bulletSC-1 Executive Board Accommodations - The board pays for those executive board members who do not get reimbursed by their employers for attending the state convention. .
bulletSC-2 Committee Planning and Expenses - Any travel, postage, telephone calls incurred while planning for the state convention. .
bulletSC-3 Program and Publicity - The costs for printing the convention program and the banquet program, as well as any publicity costs incurred. .
bulletSC-4 Entertainment - The DJ for the banquet. .
bulletSC-5 Speakers - The costs for the keynote speaker at the convention (or any other speaker). .
bulletSC-6 AV Equipment - Any costs incurred in providing AV equipment to the presenters. .
bulletSC-7 Convention Accounting - The Holiday Inn bill for breaks, lunches, dinners, cookies, sodas, hors d'oeuvres, carafes, bar costs.
bulletNational Convention: .
bulletNC-1 Executive Board Representatives - Travel, meals, lodging for approved executive board members who attend the national convention. .
bulletNC-2 Hospitality - The costs of any gifts offered by the board. (Last year included $500 for Center for Special Education.)
bulletMiscellaneous: .
bulletMS-1 Legislative Coalition - Governor's Expenses and similar types of expenses to educate lawmakers regarding special education. .
bulletMS-2 Audit - CPA expenses to do the books. .
bulletMS-3 Bonds - Cost of being bonded, insurance against theft. .
bulletMS-4 Voids - Not used.
bulletMS-5 Other - Stationery, miscellaneous printing, postage that cannot be identified with any other category.

When completing expense reports, please try to identify the appropriate category to which expenses should be charged. This will make the Treasurer's job much easier. Thanks.

Committee News


Following are the areas of focus for the upcoming issues of ACTION. Please take note of the submission deadlines and either submit something, or get someone you know to do so.

bulletContact Jim Gimiliano for details.

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Subdivision President's Responsibilities as Board Member

Constitutionally, Subdivision Presidents are members of the PACEC Executive Board and are entitled to vote on all issues.

It shall be the privilege of a subdivision to:

bulletHave representation and vote on the Federation's Governing Board, Delegate Assembly, and Executive Board.
bulletEstablish the special professional qualifications of its membership.
bulletMeet at the time and place of the Federation's annual convention.

It shall be the responsibility of subdivisions to participate actively in the business and activities of the executive Board and Federation, including the annual convention. Responsibilities include:

bulletPACEC Executive Board Meetings - Four Board meetings are held throughout the year, typically in August, November, March, and June. Meetings begin on Friday evening and conclude Saturday afternoon. The exception to this is the November meeting which is held in conjunction with the annual convention. If unable to attend a scheduled meeting you are expected to send an alternate representative and inform the PACEC President in advance.
bulletPreparing for Board Meetings - Written reports for each subdivision are to be prepared using the approved format. Bring 40 copies for distribution to Board members.
bulletParticipating in Board Meetings - All Board members are expected to actively participate on one or more strategic planning or ad-hoc committees. Committee assignments are delegated by the PACEC President.
bulletParticipating in the Annual Governing Board Meeting - Held the Wednesday evening prior to the convention.
bulletParticipating in the Annual Delegate Assembly - Held during the annual convention.
bulletPreparing an annual report to be submitted to CEC headquarters by July 1, with copies for the PACEC Executive Board no later than the August Board meeting.

Additional Responsibilities:

bulletEach subdivision is responsible for a minimum of one full column in the Federation's newsletter ACTION. Items should preferably be of interest to the entire membership. Additional items such as poems, quotes, promising practices, humorous anecdotes, are always welcome.
bulletEach subdivision is responsible for related information for the Subdivision's webpage maintained by the Federation. Information needed includes officer contact information, news specific to the field, book/product reviews, promising practices, and events/opportunities for the membership. In addition, articles/information of interest to the general membership, or the general population is always welcomed and will be placed in the appropriate location of our extensive website. Due to the rapidity with which information on the Internet becomes stale, updates for the website should be made quarterly at a minimum, with monthly updates preferred.
bulletEach subdivision is responsible to develop a strand for the annual convention consisting of a minimum of three workshop hours related to the needs of the subdivision's membership. In addition to the strand hours, each subdivision is expected to conduct a subdivision business meeting which is scheduled during the convention by the convention chair.

PACEC Board Meeting Expenses - may be submitted to the PACEC President on the approved voucher for reimbursement:

bulletmileage/tolls to and from the meeting.
bulletall meals are provided during the meeting.
bulletroom expenses are paid when sharing with another member, otherwise 50% is paid by PACEC.
bulletMembers are responsible for their own convention fees and related expenses. Reimbursement for expenses at the convention is limited to specific items directly related to the Board meeting.
bulletMembers who fail to notify the President that they will not be attending a Board Meeting at least one week in advance will be held responsible for expenses incurred as a result of our inability to cancel guaranteed hotel arrangements.

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General News of Interest

bulletBoth Jim Gimiliano and I are having some trouble getting subdivision officers and other responsible parties to send us information for ACTION and for the website. PLEASE send us stuff. We can't do it all alone. Lack of timely information impacts how people view our organization. This is especially true on websites where people expect monthly updates of information.
bulletRemember that any changes in sub-division officers, as well as annual reports are due to CEC headquarters soon. Please forward a copy of the new officers' contact information to Marc Hissam so the appropriate web pages can be updated. Also, please remind new officers that they need to keep the information flowing so that we can keep the webpages current and relevant.
bulletCarol Eisenbise published an article in the Spring '97 issue of ACTION regarding paraprofessionals. You may want to copy it and distribute it to your co-workers. Check it out in ACTION On-Line.

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E-mail addresses

2002-2003 Officers and Executive Board
bulletPresident - Cheryl George - [email protected]
bulletPresident-Elect - Vicki McGinley -[email protected]
bulletVice-President - Leslie Kolodin -[email protected]
bulletTreasurer - Peggy Philapavage - [email protected]
bulletSecretary - Cheryl Lamm - [email protected]
bulletRepresentative to CEC Rep. Assem. - Kim Bright - [email protected]
bulletRepresentative to CEC Rep. Assem. - Marc Hissam -[email protected]
bulletImmediate Past President - Jannis Floyd - [email protected]
bulletMembership - Dreamalee Brotz - [email protected] 
bulletNewsletter - Jim Gimiliano - [email protected]
bulletJournal - Rosalie Dibert - [email protected]
bulletCAN -Christopher Tabakin - [email protected]
bulletMulticultural Advisor - Norman Brown -[email protected]
bulletPASCEC/Student Advisor - Shelby Derry - [email protected]
bulletWebmaster - Marc Hissam -[email protected]
Division Presidents
bulletCASE - Michel Miller - [email protected]
bulletCCBD - Martin Zlotowski - [email protected]
bulletDCDT - Kenneth Deitman - [email protected]
bulletDEC - Karen Lindbergh - [email protected]
bulletDLD - Mark Kandel - [email protected]
bulletDPH - vacant
bulletDVI- vacant
bulletDDD - Leslie Kolodin -[email protected]
bulletPAGE - vacant
bulletPioneer - Michael Thew - [email protected]
bulletTAM - Peggy Philapavage - [email protected]
bulletTED - Jane Penman- [email protected]
Regional Directors
bulletRegion 1 - Richael Barger-Anderson - [email protected]
bulletRegion 2 - Pat Clark - [email protected]
bulletRegion 3 - Sharon Reed - [email protected]
bulletRegion 4 - Maryellen Brown -[email protected]
bulletRegion 5 - Gina Scala - [email protected]
bulletRegion 6 - Dreamalee Brotz - [email protected]
2002-'03 Student Officers & Board
bulletPASCEC President - Michelle Fernandes - [email protected]
bulletPASCEC President Elect -
bulletPASCEC Vice-President of Programs - 
bulletPASCEC Vice-President of Communications -
bulletPASCEC Vice-President of Committees -
bulletPASCEC Governor -
bulletPASCEC Newsletter -
bulletPASCEC Multicultural -
bulletPASCEC Past-President -
Additional Members
bulletDavid Bateman - [email protected]
bulletMichael George - [email protected]
bulletSusan Glor-Scheib - [email protected]
bulletKathy Kramer - [email protected]
bulletKevin Koury - [email protected]
bulletTanya Wessells - [email protected]
bulletConstance Fox Lyttle -[email protected]
bulletCarol Manzi - [email protected]
bulletRon Miros - [email protected]
bulletBrenda Robertson - [email protected]
bulletDonna Wandry - [email protected]
bulletBarbara Wert - [email protected]
bulletCheryl Zaccagnini - [email protected]

Hotel Staff
Hershey-Harrisburg Holiday Inn
Exit 28. I-81
Grantville, PA 17028
Voice: 717-469-0661
FAX: 717-469-7755
Dawn Richard, Regional Director of Association Sales
Scott Haupf, Convention Sales Manager

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