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Fall, 2003

The Yes I Can! Foundation for Exceptional Children

The Yes I Can! Foundation for Exceptional Children designs and implements programs that help improve the quality of life for children and youth with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. The Foundation's exciting programs - Yes I Can! Awards, Scholarships, Minigrants for Special Educators, and others - help hundreds of children with special needs attain their greatest potential every year. Contributions from its supporters help make this possible.

To learn more about the Yes I Can! Foundation, please visit their Web site at http://yesican.cec.sped.org/







$1,000 AWARD



Þ      Nominations must be postmarked by September 10, 2004 (extended deadline).


Þ  This scholarship was established by the PACEC in September 1981 to recognize the student

      CEC member whose involvement in special education is judged to be most exemplary. 

 Candidate Information Required:

Þ  Proof of PACEC membership (submit a copy of your membership card with your chapter

      advisor’s signature).

 Þ  Personal information so we may contact you prior to the November Convention:

      (name, phone, email address and permanent address).

 Þ  A resume, including employment and volunteer experiences.

 Þ  Two faculty recommendations, one of which must be from your student CEC advisor.  It

      will be helpful to your application if the faculty recommendations specifically refer to the

      activities in which you have been engaged and the reasons you are deserving of this

      award based upon their personal and professional observations.



Dr. Constance Fox Lyttle, Esq.

Chairperson, George O’Neill Scholarship Committee

907 Wildwood Road

Oradell NJ 07649






CEC Reorganization
CEC's Representative Assembly approved amendments to the CEC Constitution at its April 2002 meeting allowing for individual federations to determine how chapters within their borders will function. The PACEC Board has examined this issue to determine how we will proceed.  Participants at the 2002 convention were invited to meet with PACEC's Representatives to the CEC Representative Assembly to discuss the impact this will have on PACEC, and were invited to provide input.  Their comments and suggestions formed the framework of a major overhaul of our Constitution and By-laws as the PACEC Executive Committee moves into the next phase of this process.  The full Executive Board  discussed a final draft at its March meeting.  Look for more information in upcoming issues of ACTION and here on the website.  A NEW PACEC Constitution and By-laws will be voted on at the convention in November, 2003.

2002 Resolutions - The PACEC Representative Assembly approved two resolutions at the 2002 convention supporting professionals seeking National Board certification and regarding the No Child Left Behind Act.  Read them here.

Success Stories for CEC's Annual Budget Book  It's time for  CEC to begin preparing the FY '05 Budget Book.  CEC's annual Budget Book, officially known as the "Federal Outlook for Exceptional Children," is an education tool that our members use with their members of Congress and staff from a variety of federal agencies.  If you have a story you'd like to share, click here for details and examples of past stories.

Revised Basic Education Circulars have been published on the PDE Website, effective December 7, 2001. Please take a copy off the website to update your BEC book. These BECs replace BECs of the same names and numbers previously published.

CEC Special Alert - Washington Post Seeks Special Ed Success Stories -
Washington Post reporter Jay Mathews is asking for special education success stories. He recently wrote an article for Washingtonpost.com criticizing special education but asked that if people knew of successes to please send him the details. Please send stories of your successes with students with disabilities to Jay Mathews. Let's be the source for a positive media story about special education! Send your successes to [email protected].

Free Subscription to Institute on Independent Living Newsletter at http://www.independentliving.org.

Free Subscription to Technological Literacy at [email protected]

Have you run across an item that makes you think or just feel good? We are seeking submissions for the Things That Make You Think & Feel Good pages. Share with your colleagues by sending items to our Webmaster today. We'll post anything appropriate.

CEC Special Alert - Please Act Now to Preserve Services for Students with Disabilities, Full Funding, and Gifted Education! Congress continually acts on issues of vital importance to special educators and their students. Topics such as expelling children with disabilities, voting to mandate full funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and supporting legislation for programs for students with gifts and talents are just a few of the items of continued interest. It is vitally important that members of the House and Senate know how critical these issues are to you. Please visit your Congressional representatives in their local offices or send them an e-mail or letter today. Keep them informed! Remember, they're not the experts - YOU ARE!

CEC has completed development of performance-based standards for the preparation and licensure of special educators in preparation for approval by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATEP) The knowledge and skill standards are reorganized into ten content area standards that correlate closely to the Interstate New Teacher and Assessment Consortium (INTASC) principles. In the performance-based approach, CEC will review preparation programs for accreditation at the standard level, using the appropriate knowledge and skills to inform the standards. We invite you to review these standards. They are available at the CEC web site http://www.cec.sped.org/ps-menu.html. Each set of standards includes a form you can use to e-mail your comments to CEC. CEC welcomes your comments and would appreciate your feedback.

PSSA have you scrambling? Several years ago the predecessor to PaTTAN published a booklet titled Testing Accommodations ... Click to read the text of this document and breathe a little easier.

CEC has issued a "Talking Points" recommendation. Review it, then contact your legislator to voice your concerns about how their actions affect our kids

The Subdivision pages are again in need of updating. Check them out today, then if you know of something that would be of interest to others, let us know so we can share it here. !!

The latest issue of ACTION On-Line is here! Read it today.

PACEC NEEDS YOU!! Are you interested in working to improve the lives of students with disabilities in Pennsylvania? Why not consider becoming involved in the Pennsylvania Federation Council for Exceptional Children? Meet interesting people, travel to fascinating places, see exciting things and help many people. If you are interested, contact one of the PACEC officers or Jannis Floyd. We would love to hear from you. PENNSYLVANIA CEC NEEDS YOU!!

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has launched a web site to give the public easy access to legislative goings on. Committee schedules, texts and histories of current bills, and some records dating back to 1993 can be found here.

The PACEC Career Connections page is off and running. Now it's time for employers to act and advertise available positions for free. Let the world know what's available. Are you taking advantage of this great opportunity?

Ever wonder how the Pennsylvania School Code is interpreted? Visit PDE's site listing the Basic Education Circulars which administrators use for guidance.

Students, the deadline for applications for the George O'Neill Memorial Scholarship is approaching. Now is the time to apply for the 2002 awards!

Teachers, do you know of a truly exceptional special educator? Nominate them for the PACEC Teacher of the Year.

prse logo

Are you a Professionally Recognized Special Educator?

Click here to see how you can obtain this prestigious recognition from CEC.

 The PACEC Website is the proud recipient of the HandiRamp Award for service to the disabled community, and has been named a Pennsylvania Destination of the Day.



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